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The power of regular investing.

“We continue to make more money when snoring than when active.”

Warren Buffett.
Can you time the market?

Correctly timing the market is one of the biggest challenges facing investors. To generate meaningful investment returns you would ideally invest when the market is at its lowest and sell when it is at its highest.

Tune out the noise.

One problem with investing is that you never know what the stock market will do next, as predicting the short-term direction of the market is just pure speculation.

There’s an old investment saying — it’s about ‘time in the market’ not ‘timing the market’ (Ken Fisher).

Pace yourself.

Setting up a regular investment is a good discipline, meaning that you effectively force yourself to invest every month. It’s a good habit to get into.

Pound cost averaging.

Take the “little and often” approach to investing, rather than investing a lump sum in one go. This strategy can be particularly beneficial during a time of turbulence and uncertainty.

Amplifying the impact of regular investing.

If you do invest regularly, well done! But when did you last review that amount? Even £50 or £100 a month could make a big difference – and if it’s going into a pension, you get a boost from tax relief too!

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