Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked


How do you manage client investments?

At Raymond James, Hitchin, the majority of our clients delegate the responsibility of the day to day decisions about their investments to us. Planning, monitoring and research involved is time that most people don’t have to dedicate, so we are well placed to take on this task on their behalf, offering peace of mind.

We also offer other service levels dependent on how involved our clients want to be.

Our philosophy is to manage investments in a sensible, low-cost manner with a long term objective so we never speculate under any circumstances.

How do you select the best funds?

All of our clients are unique, and have different needs. By getting to know our clients through a series of meetings and risk profiling we build a personal solution that suits their requirements. Therefore, every client portfolio will be diversified across different asset classes and geographical sectors that provide the right balance between risk and return.

We don’t select funds for short-term performance. Our emphasis is on consistent long-term results.

Our investment proposition is unique to the Hitchin office, so your Wealth Manager will be one of the key investment decision makers which form our expert Investment Committee. We review the available funds regularly and maintain a list of recommended funds where the emphasis is on quality of management and above average returns year on year.

How often do you monitor the funds?
We monitor our funds on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis using data from ShareScope and Morningstar. We do not operate a no-thought stop loss policy as this introduces the risk of action on a short dip in performance. We prefer to review funds within the context of the economic and market environment.
Can I view my investments online?

Yes! Once you become a Raymond James client you will be registered for Client Access* which will enable you to view the progress of your investments online and provide the last 2 years of transactions. A link to this service can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Client Login’ on the top right of our website home page.

*Pricing related data is updated within Investor Access™ each business day, typically by 9am GMT. Prices are quoted in the local currency of the holding as at the close of business on the valuation date.

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How much does it cost to have a Raymond James portfolio?

Before you become a client of Raymond James Hitchin, you will receive a full breakdown of estimated fees and charges. This is called a Costs and Charges Illustration and is a requirement of the FCA. Our fees are competitive and our philosophy is to provide a low cost, long term investment objective.

We do not charge any up front fees. All our initial meetings are free of charge, so nothing to loose by talking to us to see if we can offer the right solution for you.

How does Raymond James, Hitchin sit within Raymond James Investment Services?

Raymond James Investment Services Limited has operated in the UK since 2001; they provide unique wealth management solutions for wealth managers and their clients. The parent company, Raymond James Financial, Inc. has been doing the same in the US for over 50 years.

The Hitchin branch were one of the first to join the UK network in 2002, and are one of only a few firms in Hertfordshire to independently manage investments on a discretionary basis locally.

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